McDonald Presbyterian Church is proud to partner with and contribute to organizations within our community. 

  • McDonald Food Pantry

    Our congregation contributes to the work of the McDonald Community Food Pantry with volunteers and financial support. The food pantry serves approximately 80 families each month.

  • McDonald Area Redevelopment Association

    Many of our members are actively involved in the activities of MARA helping to add life and vitality to our small town. Our congregation values community development and contributes financially and otherwise to their mission.

  • Meals on Wheels

    McDonald Presbyterian Church is the host for and an active partner with Community Meals on Wheels of McDonald. Monday through Friday every week of the year, a team of volunteer staff from around the community prepare a meal and distribute it to over 40 individuals in the local area.

  • Local Pastoral Care

    McDonald Presbyterian Church supports hospital patients in our community by contributing to the work of Christian caregivers and chaplains in Canonsburg Hosptial.

  • Heritage Public Library

    The Heritage Public Library is an important part of our community that we are pleased to support. We encourage our members to make use of their local library.

  • Pine Springs Camp

    Pine Springs is a great camp that we are associated with through the Presbyterian Church USA. We support them and send our children there for a variety of Christian camping experiences.

  • Girl Scouts

    McDonald Presbyterian Church serves as a meeting place for different Girl Scout groups at different times. We welcome them into our church for their meetings as they invest in our next generation of young women. For more information contact our church office.

  • Boy Scout Troop 1392

    The McDonald Boy Scout Troop is chartered to our church and meets each Tuesday in Calvary Fellowship Hall. They are an active troop that is engaged in great camping and outdoor activities. For more information contact our church office.