Church History

In May of 2006, through the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit, the McDonald Presbyterian Church became a united congregation of the two, neighboring, longest-standing Presbyterian congregations in McDonald, PA and thus further rooted and grounded itself in the love of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 3:17), as well as firmly established itself as a house of Christian worship, life, and fellowship for the town of McDonald and the surrounding communities.  As of November 1st, 2013 the congregation is a member of a new denomination: ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

The previously independent congregations were known and recognized most recently as the Calvary Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of West Lincoln Avenue and Station Street and the Trinity Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of Grant Street and Station Street. The two churches were separated by Grant Street, a one-way, one-lane street, which became emblematic of the direction that the Holy Spirit was leading the two congregations: One way, His way.

The two congregations date back to the latter 1800s, with Calvary (originally named the First United Presbyterian Church of McDonald) being formed in 1876 and Trinity (originally named the First Presbyterian Church of McDonald) being formed in 1885.

Two formerly separate church buildings and families are now merged into one, with a united future in mind: Worshiping Jesus Christ, following the Holy Spirit's guidance, and listening to the Father's call to mission in the 21st Century.

McDonald Presbyterian Church has a lot of history to be made, and YOU can help make it!

Trinity Center

Of the current church buildings, the Trinity Center  at the corner of Grant and Station Streets is the oldest, having been dedicated in November of 1897 and completed for a cost of $17,145.08.  This center is the second church building to have been erected on the property. The original, two-story frame structure, built in 1885, was destroyed by fire in 1896 and razed in order to build the more modern brick church still standing today. The Trinity Center is the home to the Church Offices, Sunday School Program and Youth Ministry.

Calvary Center

The Calvary Center on the corner of West Lincoln Avenue and Station Street is slightly younger in age, having been dedicated less than a year later in September of 1898. The cost for completion of the structure was $40,000. The original location of the First United Presbyterian Church, being a simple frame structure and outgrown by 1897, was located on North McDonald Street near where the First Baptist Church of McDonald currently resides. The Calvary Center hosts the weekly worship service and many other activities.