Ministry Staff

Our staff give of their time and talents to ensure MPC is a wonderful place to connect and worship.  

  • Rev. Justin has served McDonald Presbyterian church for over nine years.  He enjoys being a part of the McDonald Community and is excited about the future of our congregation. His passion lies in helping people come into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ by engaging the Scriptures in a way that everyone can relate to.  

  • Syndria Lowe - Choir Director

    As the leader of our music program Syndria has a wonderful ability to connect people at many different levels and to bring the best out of every musician.

  • Heidi Adomshick - Assistant Choir Director

    Heidi brings many talents and a great level of enthusiasm to our music ministry.  In addition to involvement in all aspects of our music ministry Heidi is the director of our kids choir.

  • Dana supervises and directs the children and youth ministries of McDonald Presbyterian Church, with support from volunteers and other staff.  If you have any questions regarding children or youth ministry please reach out to