Our church is partnered with Heartline Ministries in Haiti. Heartline Ministries is a great organization led by John and Beth McHoul who have been serving in Haiti since 1989. The ministry, which began in 2000, has grown to serve Maternity Needs, Men, Women, and Children, and to provide Hurricane Relief to Haitians who live in the Port au Prince and surrounding areas.

In August of 2011, our church sent a team to Heartline to do construction work on a new school that was built for the children of the missionaries living and working in Haiti. The team of nine had a fantastic experience and were enriched in the love and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In October of 2015, we returned to Haiti to support Heartline by serving wherever we were needed. While there we had abundant opportunities to be blessed by renewing relationships and investing in the lives of people truly in need.

To learn more about Heartline Ministries visit www.heartlineministries.org.